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I get asked all the time and throughout my career, and even I myself have asked:

When will I see results?
When will my hair grow back?
How fast will this work?


I was that person who would take pictures of my hair and compare to another picture I took the week before, or who would lean into the mirror to see if I saw any new hair sprouting.

I was the person who measured their part line, didn’t want to wash my hair in the shower because the shedding would be so much more and it would devastate me.

The person who calculated how much hair was in my brush and saved them in the shower to see the next time was more or less. The person who looked into the shampoo bowl at the salon to see how much hair was ion the bowl after I had a shampoo.

The person who hated people combing their hair for fear of more loss and the person who would run my fingers through my hair sitting on the couch and count how many hairs came out in total dread.


I really do get it. I wouldn’t care this much if I didn’t understand firsthand the feeling of vulnerability and feeling like nowhere to turn for answers if I hadn’t gone thru it myself. And I am in the hair industry, and I frustratingly realized there was nowhere to find answers in my bubble.



This is a hard question to answer and I am weary of anyone or any product that says it with certainty because what I do know about hair growth is that it is not a certain or straight answer. It’s a series of trial and error, a process of trying many things consistently and of the basic understanding of the WHY


Use this conditioner and your hair will grow.
Take this pill and you will have hair
Drink this collagen and you will have hair skin and nails

It’s not like flipping a switch and the light goes on. I wish. Trust me it would have saved me A LOT of money.


Is anything ever this certain? Death and Taxes I guess? What I do know is that there are a number of possible solutions and there is so much to educate ourselves about. So much science and so much trial and error. And most importantly….



 Why does it take time: I am about to explain but in short it is because every hair on your head se goes through distinct CYCLES and phases. for months and years on end. EVERY SINGLE HAIR.

I hate waiting btw!! I am wired to get things done YESTERDAY!!!!! So lets start at the beginning, let me explain why it takes and needs time to grow.

Lets learn about hair growth and how hair grows and why it takes a few months to see any results once you have begun a new regimen.

Yes, a few months and that is depending on YOUR consistency and dedication to the WHOLE process. (key word is YOU)


If I may use analogies:


  • Getting the body in shape or the body you desire isn’t just about going to the gym or a trainer once or twice or at random, its about a consistent routine that isn’t just about one aspect, lets say only lifting weights, but also about nutrition and self care. And it isn’t that you reach your goal and then you can stop and expect it to remain in tact.

          Wont work. It then is about continuing this new way of life for life. 


  • Facials, sunblock, serums and a good skin care routine doesn’t guarantee you will never age or have wrinkles but it can reduce premature and unnecessary skin aging. It’s all in hopes of being preventative.


  • Eating healthy and exercising won’t mean we won’t age or grow older but it sure keeps us in the best shape in the stage of life we are in.


My friends, same same same with Scalp care. Welcome to your new way of thinking about how to take care of your scalp and thus your hair.

HEALTHY SCALP HEALTHY HAIR (feed your follicles)


We live in an age of false promises, filters, selfies, comaprisons, and branding. It is A LOT and hard to know where to turn lor what to buy. I get that too.


So lets start at the basic building block; The Cycles of Hair Growth: if you understand how your hair grows and what triggers its interruption and fall out, you will hopefully  understand why the process takes TIME.




The Growth cycle of hair grows in 3 phases:


Normal hair follicles undergo periods of growth (Anagen) followed by regression (Catagen), resting (Telogen) and evacuation (Exogen) followed by regenesis (‘new’ Anagen).. No hair therefore grows continuously.


Your hair grows around 1 – 1.5cm per month, faster in summer than in winter

The anagen stage is the growing period of a hair follicle and this stage typically lasts about 3 to 5 years


At the end of the Anagen phase, your hair enters the Catagen phase

The catagen stage is a transitional stage of hair growth and about 3% of all hairs are in this phase at any time. It is where the Hair follicles prepare themselves for the resting phase. In this phase the hair follicles start to shrink, Growth stops and the outer root sheath shrinks and attaches to the root of the hair. This is the formation of what is known as a club hair.

and it lasts about 1-2 weeks.


During the telogen phase each hair is released and falls out The telogen stage is the resting and shedding period of the hair cycle.

---The follicle remains inactive for 3 to 4 months. (this is why we say wait 3-4 months to see if any system works or is working for you)

At the end of this period, older hairs that have finished their life will fall out and newer hairs will begin to grow.


So here is the kicker:


Hair loss, hair thinning and problems with hair growth occur when the growth cycle is interrupted/disrupted.

This can be triggered by conditions such as nutritional and medical situations, illness or stress. (Did someone say Covid, or the last few years, or anything really these days) For instance 2-3 months after surgery or stress you can experience hair loss.  This occurs because the growing stage (Anagen) is interrupted and hairs enter the falling (Telogen) stage at the same time.

I know for me if I ever have had surgery pr have been under anesthesia in the upcoming weeks around 2-3 months later I will have increased hair fall (and really dry brittle hair). Anesthisia comes out in our hair skin and nails but that’s for another blog post.


So I hope this helps explain why I tell clients and customers it takes time, the hair cycles in months- not days or weeks- but months, and it’s a process.

A WHOLE process; inside and on the outside.

So be patient

Be consistent

Be realistic

Let go of the results and

Be willing to put in the work on your scalp care. Your hair is your garden, it will grow







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