Is She Born with it? Maybe it's a Good Routine.

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I just want to begin by saying I am honored and grateful that you allow me to support you on your hair and scalp health journey. It really is something I get so very passionate about and I am here with honest feedback ( no kickbacks no sponsorships nada no thanks) this is all intel from being a colorist for over 10 years and noticing we have a really gap of real information and education in a highly unregulated industry.

I had posted these pictures of color I did recently on a client and I was asked so many questions about her hair and her routine and what products I suggested she uses.

These pictures are of my client that I’ve had for over 5 years and I’ve watched her hair change dramatically over the last six months. Actually, the last I saw her around 6 months ago her hair was dry, brittle and was not in the best shape so I asked what I ask every client


Aaaaaaaaand she told me

  •  she uses drugstore shampoo and conditioner ( I faint)
  • washes maybe once a week to week and a half (I gasp)
  • uses dry shampoo regularly, almost daily (I shiver)
  • uses purple shampoo often (I have a mini panic attack)
  • has no Scalp routine or system and does not take care of her scalp (I hyperventilate)
  • doesn’t redeposit moisture and lipids back into her very dry hair strands (I cry)

WIth a cracked and weary voice I say:  "Oh that’s cool you might as well be shampooing your scalp and hair with a TIDE POD"

I try and be gently passive-aggressive but sympathetic, slightly shaming but comforting as much as possible (my clients get me) when it comes to talking about the importance of using quality products on your hair, and by quality I do not at all mean EXPENSIVE.

The difference between quality is not a price tag-thats the bluff we get sold- it is about quality ingredients and the more expensive or the bigger the name does not necessarily means that the product is top shelf. No ma'am.

I know this very well because I’ve been in this industry for over 10 years and have tried almost every product line and on so many clients and I’ve seen the ones that have continued to work for them and the ones that have not. My feedback not only comes from my own experience but the experience and feedback from hundreds of clients.

So beware a lot of times you are paying for the name and for the packaging and branding. As a consumer it is incumbent upon us these days to look for quality ingredients and so what does that mean and what does that mean for your hair.

  1. EVERYONE should have a SCALP routine. EVERYONE. A SCALP routine is about taking care of the skin of your scalp and your follicles; the soil of your hair. Scalp oiling is a potent regimen rooted in nature.
  2. Najeau system has two systems one is a SCALP SYSTEM and  the second is a HAIR SYSTEM 

The SCALP SYSTEM: Simply Is broken down with 2 products and focuses on different issues of the scalp.

  • PreShampoo Scalp Mask:  protein and anti-inflammatory
  • PreShampoo Follicle Drops: hydration and ph-balance


The HAIR SYSTEM focuses on the needs of the hair strands

  • Hair Mask: moisture and reduces breakage and split ends


SO HERE IS THE NEW REGIMEN To add with your NEW SYSTEMS and some PRODUCT SUGGESTIONS: (do not buy off Amazon unless from a legitimate seller )

SHAMPOO:  invest in pH balancing, cleansing and nourishing shampoo

Our Nourishing Najeau Shampoo is my favorite, not because its mine, but because it uses no fragrance, has a gentle sulfate (and not all sulfates are bad!), and was created buy my many years of R&D of working on clients and recognizing what worked best and what was not.

ill also link some others I really liked over the years:

CONDITIONER: you should have a conditioner that replenishes moisture and lipids back into your hair strands (and the kind you need depends on your hair type)

Our Nourishing  Najeau Conditioner is again, my favorite, not because its mine, but because it uses no fragrance, focuses on the subtle but no less powerful deposit of moisture on each hair strand, and was created buy my many years of R&D of working on clients and recognizing what worked best and what was not.

Also here's a few others I have found stood the test of time:

LEAVE IN CONDITIONER: you should always use a leave in conditioner I have two one for normal and one for curly

HEAT PROTECTANT: if you are using heat please use a heat protectant on your hair

Pattern has a great one!

CLARIFYING SHAMPOO: this is what you need maybe once a month and NOT OFTEN but only if you find that your hair  is no longer holding a wave feels like there’s product buildup metals and salt from the water. (like maybe once a month)


it matters! and helps to remove metals and salts, chlorine and copper, toxins and bleaching agents from the water. Our skin is our biggest organ, it absorbs everything so be good too it.


That's it !

Use a Scalp System and Hair System and with your quality products you are set for optimum results.


AND DONT STRESS! Keep it simple! Keep the products quality, mix-and-match,  this is not a precious system you don’t have to be perfect with it

if you want to mix a little bit of this shampoo with that shampoo a little bit of this conditioner with that conditioner do so!! I promise you will begin to become more in tune with your hair and scalp needs but begin finding a system and establishing   a continuous and consistent routine making changes when needed! 

 there's no wrong way just wrong products

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