Frequently Asked Questions

They sure are!

Yes ,but always perform a patch test before using our products. Natural & herbal products can still cause adverse reactions if you are allergic to a specific ingredient. For external use on the hair/scalp only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue use right away if there is an adverse reaction.

On most extensions, Najeau appears to be safe to use, but not on tape extensions as the oils will break up the adhesive. 

We always  suggest performing a patch test to your extension before use and checking with your stylist. Oils can be applied safely around the extensions and the massage cvan be performed with delicate motions to ensure the stability of the extensions. 

Safety always first. Our products are clean, fragrance free, and use organic oils, all the ingredients are listed and are readily available for you to  always run it by your doctors and Obgyn first.

A helpful tip is to make sure you shampoo twice when rinsing the teatment out. Try using less product the next time you apply a treatment to see if that helps with the excess oil. We have a great education post on this topic: READ MORE

Najeau is about scalp health and ensuring the health of the follicles in order to avoid and mitigate the pre-mature aging of the scalp and follicle miniaturization. With a healthy scalp comes healthy hair.

Just like we take care of our face , that doesn’t guarantee no aging or wrinkles, but helps curb premature aging . That is our goal, to teach people to care for their scalp, hair and overall health.

To hear more about this topic head over to our education post to READ MORE

The honest answer is that I don’t know the answer to that. I’m no chemist or doctor, but what I do know and what I’ve seen in my clients and the response from real customer saying it worked for them and continues if there’s a flare up.

Najeau also focuses on the whole body approach, so addressing issues such as what products you use and gut health is also equally important to addressing scalp issues. 

Head over to our education posts to READ MORE about this topic.

I get asked this question alot. Our products are all different and do very different things depending on your specific needs.

We have a great education blog that breaks down this very queston. READ IT here.

What happens to your plant if you stop watering the soil or stop your daily facial routine cleanser and moisturizer? Yup it is that simple. 


If you are in a pinch, and have no ingredients, or just simply can't find the time to make the mixture; you can absolutely use the Scalp Treatment oils alone without adding the live ingredient(s). Apply the oils to you scalp the exact same way, let the heat open up your follicles to absorb the nutrients 

For maximum results use with a live ingredient(s), scalp oiling is incredibly nutrient dense and we at Najeau believe that doing something is always better than doing nothing. 

Read more about this topic HERE

Frizz is going to be a constant pest and a constant adjustment. Somethings can help curb the look of frizz is:

  • Don’t overshampoo your hair, but make sure you are shampooing your scalp at least 2-3 times a week. Meaning lather the mids and ends with conditioner before focusing shampoo on scalp.
  • Move hair to the side and rinse hair in lukewarm or cool water not hot!!
  • When using leave ins and styling products section the hair and work section by section.
  • Wrap your hair in a T-shirt to set!
    It’s the BEST and seals the cuticle resulting in no frizz.

The live ingredient is the protein, kids have healthy strong follicles because they are young and not sure they need the protein of egg whites.
But you can totally use it too. An extra step for the littles would be to add in the avocado as it cools
their scalp.
What keeps lice away is a healthy clean scalp- That is where your tea tree, anise seed and burdock
root comes in for the kill! Sometimes you just need fast and effective for them kiddos! Either way it works and is so great!!

Our Nourishing Shampoo is fragrence free and our Nourishing Conditioner is formulated with naturally dirived essential oils.

Essential oils/ extracts are still listed as fragrance in cosmetics. It’s a labeling protocal- Our fragrance is natural and from essential oils but still has to be listed as fragrance.  

Some are sensitive no matter what, but its mainly on scalps and direct skin contact/absorption.   

It is not a perfume, it is a blend of multiple extracts and essential oils to create a fragrance 

All of our products are cruelty free, we test on ourselves and not animals. The Follicle Drops, Scalp Mask, Hair Guard, Nourishing Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner are vegan. All do not intentionally contain gluten, but there is potential for cross-contamination from the ingredients to the processing.