Our Oils

We take pride in sourcing our olive oil, an essential ingredient in all our oil treatments, from a 900-year-old monastery in the 'Holy Valley' of Qadisha in Lebanon. This olive oil undergoes a first-cold pressing process, retaining its richness and remaining uncut and unfiltered, embracing rustic and regenerative practices rooted in nutrient-rich soil. The outcome is a stunning, golden, nutrient-dense olive oil that's perfect for your hair, skin, and culinary uses.

Better Olive Oil

A holistic, organic approach to farming not only yields a more nutritious crop, it also improves water and air quality, increases biodiversity, and helps mitigate the effects of climate change through carbon cycling. 

By not relying on toxic chemicals, and not taking more than is needed, the farmers at the monastery are able to maintain soil that’s microbially vibrant. Through this land stewardship, they’re helping protect the environment for the next generation.  

A Better Product

You can literally see and feel the difference in the olive oil. When you farm a plant from soil that’s been taxed over and over again, the beneficial nutrients in the soil become depleted, and the plant suffers as a result. But when you cultivate plants from a richer soil, taking only what you need and letting nature run her course, you get a golden oil that retains all of those beautiful benefits. 

The health of the soil impacts what’s in the bottle—and what your scalp absorbs at the end of the day. Because hair health starts at the scalp, what you feed your follicles matters. 

With no middle man and no distributor, 100% of the price we pay for the olive oil goes directly to the monastery, the people who produced it, and the surrounding community. We’re so proud that our olive oil, the heart of our oiling system, is in harmony with the environment where it’s grown and the humans who grow it. 


Just as the ritual of slowing down and embracing self-care significantly impacts your hair health, we believe that the meticulous care invested in our products fosters a sense of connection. Using a key ingredient grown and harvested sustainably, benefiting both people and the planet, stands in contrast to stale, empty ingredients that pass through numerous hands and labs. This not only ensures the potency of the product but also offers a deeper connection to what you consume