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Ancient recipes designed to feed your follicles and restore your hair to its prime. From my mom to you.

Our Story

My mother’s name is Najat, but we affectionately call her Najeau. When she was 20 years old, she came to the U.S. from Lebanon. It’s where I lived as a child, and I have vivid memories of my mother sitting in the sun with her hair wrapped in Saran wrap, eyes closed and breath calm, eating pistachios. 

My mother and all the generations of women before her would mix oils from the earth with egg whites and create a mask to use on their scalps. They would use this mask weekly, and I looked down on it, wondering why they didn’t just use the expensive products I would see on TV that I coveted so much. 

Now I’ve spent over a decade in the hair industry, working as a celebrity hair colorist. So when I had children and suffered from my own hair loss, I set out to find the best solutions out there. 

The more I learned and the more specialists I saw, procedures I paid for and products I tried, I finally understood what my mom had been telling me my entire life—that the skin on our face doesn’t stop at our hairline. The scalp is an extension of that skin, and it holds the follicles that need to be nourished in order to grow healthy hair. 

My mom offered me her formula and together we created Najeau, a line of non-toxic, organic scalp and hair products that, with consistency, will transform the overall health of your hair, promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss. Our oils are hand poured and we mix them with love one small batch at a time, ensuring freshness and maximum potency of ingredients. 

Giving Back

Najeau is proud to donate a percentage from every sale directly to the nuns and children of The Dispensaire Intracommunautaire, which provides subsidized and free services to the vulnerable population of Beirut.

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