Rediscover simplicity with our haircare. Inspired by tradition, powered by science. Our products are crafted to nourish your scalp and hair using cold-pressed botanical blends rich in polyphenolic compounds. Each formula is carefully curated to deliver a myriad of benefits, promoting overall scalp and hair health.

Our Story

Najeau products are crafted for everyone to enjoy, whether alone or together. Our vision of wellness extends beyond individual care—it's about fostering connections with ourselves and with loved ones, creating a space where we're all united. Our sacred ritual for scalp and hair care is a time to embrace self-love and dedication to your well-being that goes deeper than the surface. In life's busyness, prioritize these moments of tranquility, as they are vital for nurturing a healthy body and a balanced soul.

A Note from our founder

With over 15 years of experience as a trusted colorist in the hair industry, I've had the privilege of working with countless scalps, delving deep into the science of hair health. When I began noticing changes in my own hair, including postpartum hair loss and shifts in texture and volume, I became even more determined to find effective solutions for both my clients and myself. To my surprise, my journey led me back to my roots.

Growing up in Lebanon, I have vivid memories of witnessing generations of women, including my mother Najeau, applying nourishing hair masks made from olive oil and egg whites while basking in the sun. This ancient practice of hair oiling turned out to be the missing piece I had been searching for. It allowed me to provide my scalp with the same level of care and attention that I give to my facial skin. And thus, Najeau was born.

Our Products

Inspired by ancestral traditions and molecular insights, we partnered with a renowned chemist to formulate effective botanical regimens for both scalp and hair. Connecting us to the past is the nutrient-rich, cold-pressed, single-origin Lebanese olive oil that’s the lifeblood of our line, running through all of our oiling products. 

Thanks to willing clients, I’ve been able to intimately study the results of the Najeau system over time on different hair types, textures, and needs. Because everyone’s hair changes with time and surroundings, our line is designed to be fully customizable, empowering you to master your unique head of hair. 


Our Olive Oil

We are proud to share that our olive oil, sourced from the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Qadisha Valley, is a key component in all our oil treatments. 

It is meticulously sourced from a 900-year-old monastery nestled in the 'Holy Valley' of Qadisha, Lebanon. This exceptional extra virgin olive oil is derived from a single origin and undergoes a first-cold pressing process, ensuring it retains its unparalleled richness. Rooted in centuries-old traditions and embracing rustic, regenerative practices, our olive oil is cultivated in nutrient-rich soil using a zero-waste approach. The result is a magnificent, golden olive oil abundant in polyphenolic compounds, perfect for enhancing your hair, skin, and culinary creations.

As you incorporate our Single Origin EVOO into your routine and benefit from its rich polyphenolic compounds, remember that it represents more than just its natural simplicity. It embodies the essence of Qozhaya, the "treasure of life," honoring the earth's abundance and promoting sustainable practices that safeguard and enhance our planet.

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A deeper connection to what you consume

Our Olive Oil

Our olive oil, sourced from the prestigious Qadisha Valley designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is meticulously gathered from a 900-year-old monastery nestled in the 'Holy Valley' of Qadisha, Lebanon using regenerative practices.

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Giving Back

Najeau is proud to donate a percentage from every sale directly to the nuns and children of The Dispensaire Intracommunautaire, which provides subsidized and free services to the vulnerable population of Beirut.

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Our Products

Our products are crafted to nourish your scalp and hair using cold-pressed botanical blends. Our approach blends scientific expertise with inspiration from natural and traditional practices, fostering a culture of self-care and well-being.

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