2 Systems and 3 Treatments: An Easy Breakdown of Which-One-To-Use

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"Which one should I use and should I use them all?"

I get asked this question, well, ALOT and it is a good question! So I am here to help and break it down for you as best I can. 


  • The PreShampoo Scalp Mask
  • The PreShampoo Follicle Drops
  • The Massager


  • The Hair Mask
  • (shampoo and conditioner and towel coming soon)


So which one to use and how to use them.

Lets Begin: 

  • Scalp Mask: protein (only once a week) 
  • Follicle Drops: hydration  (often,  2-3 times a week minimum) 
  • Hair Mask: moisture  (only once a week)

It’s a hard question to answer because it’s like asking do I only use a face serum or face lotion or toner on my face? It’s always about a combination of ingredients

The Scalp Mask and Follicle Drops are for your Scalp and the health of the follicles 

The Hair Mask is for your Hair and the health of the hair strands 

They are all PRE-SHAMPOO Treatments and all of them have very different ingredients.


The Scalp System Includes and focuses on different issues of the scalp.

  • Scalp Mask: Burdock Root and Tea Tree, focus on anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory
  • Follicle Drops:  Aloe Vera and Neem Oil, focus on lipids and hydration


The Hair System focus on the needs of the hair strands

  • Hair Mask: Argan and Jojoba Oil, focus on moisture and reduces breakage and split ends

If I was relating it to my face care routine I would say the three are like the Vitamin C serum and moisturizer and tone. All important and all serve different jobs.

I am a visual person so I hope my next slides help you break it down.







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