How to Choose and Use a Pre-Shampoo Treatment

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“Which hair treatment should I use?” 

It’s a hard question to answer, because it’s like asking if you should only use a face wash or a face lotion or an exfoliating scrub. You have a scalp, follicles, AND hair—so ideally, you want to be using all of these hair treatments in concert with one another at different times throughout the week:



They’re all pH balancing pre-shampoo oils, each with very different ingredients that help holistically address everything that’s going on up there. For instance, hair grows from the scalp, so how you treat your scalp will also show up in your strands. 


But you might have a more pressing concern in one area or the other. Because you’re likely only going to start with one Najeau product, which base treatment should you try first? 

Which Pre-Shampoo Treatment to Start With  

Luckily, your hair and scalp tell you what they needs! All of our products hep building a foundation for healthy growth, glossy hair, and pH balance, but here’s where to start, according to your top hair concern: 


After you’ve identified the targeted treatment you want to start with, you can build the rest of your routine from there.

Building Your Basic Najeau Hair Routine 

Whichever pre-shampoo treatment you start with, here’s how to incorporate it into your basic scalp & hair routine. 


Let’s begin with the simple steps: 

  • STEP 1: Pre-treat your hair or scalp with your choice of a Najeau oil and add any customizations (optional). Massage, cap and relax.
  • Pro Tip: (Leave the Follicle Drops and Hair Mask on overnight for deeper absorption)
  • STEP 2: Shampoo 
  • STEP 3: Condition
  • STEP 4: Dry with the Najeau Hair Towel (white side)
  • STEP 5: Apply your leave-ins and styling products 
  • STEP 6: Set with the Najeau Hair Towel (green side) 


Next, because your hair needs change throughout the seasons and different life events, all of our hair treatments are fully customizable based on what your hair and scalp needs, when. You can build on your basic routine by blending in Cooling Drops or Warming Drops to your Scalp Mask, and mixing in the Hair Guard or Conditioner to your Hair Mask. 


Ideally, you want to make sure all aspects of your hair and scalp are healthy—with no flaking, inflammation, greasiness, or slowed growth at your scalp, and hair strands that are shiny and strong without split ends and breakage. We recommend using all 3 of our hair treatments, but starting with the one that best suits your immediate concerns and building from there. Mastering your own hair and scalp health is a beautiful process, and we’re excited to be with you as you perfect your unique hair ritual!


For optimal results, use once a week. Always use clean, dry hands when removing oil from the container. 

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