What is Najeau all about and will it make my hair grow?

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In short, Najeau is a non-toxic and organic Scalp and Hair Care System 
providing a healthy routine for everyones scalp, follicles, hair bulbs & hair;
Using the ancient power of Oiling.


The next question I get very often


and i only have one consistent never changing answer for you: I don't know, but what I do know is...


NAJEAU is about scalp health and ensuring the health of the follicles in order to avoid and mitigate the pre-mature aging of the scalp and follicle miniaturization. Hair loss can be triggered by such factors as bad scalp regimens, hormones, aging, stress, and illness.

With a healthy scalp comes healthy hair. Start at the root. Find the root cause on the inside and NAJEAU will teach you and help you take care of your follicles and scalp from the outside.

I also always tell people this line is about learning how to have a healthy scalp and healthy hair. One great side effect, it can encourage healthy hair growth because you are creating a healthy environment for your hair to grow!

Just like we take care of our face with our multi-step regimens,facials and laser,  that doesn’t guarantee no aging or wrinkles but it helps curb premature aging .That is our goal, to teach people to care for the soil first.

There is no miracle out there, there is no magic pill or one-off solution  and ultimately hair health and growth is connected to overall health of the person and we must address issues of the gut, the mind and enviornmental factors too.

Another question I get often:

What happens if I stop using Najeau products?

My only answer: what happens to your plant if you stop watering the soil or to your face if you stop using your daily moisturizer, or to your health if you stop drinking water? Yup.it is that simple.


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