Shampoo, Conditioner and the importance of PH Balance

Shampoo, Conditioner and the importance of PH Balance

First I want to introduce two you our Shampoo and Conditioner.

NAJEAU and I thought of you every step of the way and what makes it special to us is that it’s formulated

⭐️to be gentle enough for every day use
⭐️Fragrance free and Sulfate free Shampoo
⭐️Lightly scented Conditioner with Essential Oils
⭐️Cruelty free and Color-Safe
⭐️Uses the gentle cleanser of oat amino acids
⭐️Ph balanced for your scalp and hair (5.0-6.0)

⭐️and the perfect compliment to our NAJEAU oils! Cleanses without stripping

LETS TALK PH! It is SO important

RULE #1: Products should serve their purpose gently and without disruption to the natural Ph of the scalp and hair.

The PH scale ranges from 0-14 with 7 being "neutral", lower numbers (0-6) being more acidic, and higher number (8-14) more alkaline.

alkaline: opens 

acidic: closes

Shampoos need to be alkaline in range to open and soften buildup and sebum to remove it.

Conditioners need to be acidic in range to close and seal the cuticle to protect the inner cortex of the hair.


The pH of the scalp is around 5.5, similar to the rest of your skin. Just as you can disturb the pH of your hair, you can also disturb the pH of your scalp, and keeping them both steady is a balancing act.

 How do you know your ph is off?

  • dry,
  • oily,
  • flakey,
  • irritated scalp.

This unhealthy environment will make it a struggle to encourage healthy hair growth. 


Why is this Important when choosing your shampoo and conditioner? 

  1. Shampoo is alkaline so it opens the cuticles, and softens and swells the scalp to break up residue and buildup and sebum (ideal ph for shampoo 5-7)
  2.  Conditioner is acidic so as the cuticle is open the conditioner seeps into the interior of the hair shaft depositing the nutrients and moisture from the products and conditioner and being acidic in nature, it seals and shrinks the cuticle back to close locking in moisture and enhancing shine  

( ie Moisture in the cortex helps keep hair flexible).

Also important to note: conditioner is for for Hair and not the scalp so always avoid the scalp as it can clog pores and deposit unnecessary ingredients on the scalps skin. 


Well basically, If you are using a shampoo that is too high or too low on the pH scale of the scalp  then you might be interfering with your scalp's natural pH balance, causing hair damage and scalp irritation.

 Ie: deteregent  is usually a 10

Bleach is usually a 13

That is exceptionally high and far from the scalps natural PH.

 I am proud to say Our Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner has a ph of:  5.0-6.0

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