The Najeau Hair Guard

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The Hair Guard is like a Lifeguard but for your Hair.

So why is using a pre-salt, sun and surf leave in treatment is so necessary.

Oh yes I love love the salt beach surfer hair, I love the way it looks, I love the way it moves, but what it does to my hair is nothing to love (especially now that im no spring chicken anymore and i'm desperately hanging on to any bit of moisture I have left).

Over so many years as a hair colorist and so many clients, I will say that understanding why pre-treating the hair before soaking in hard water is something we need to talk more about. 

 Lets start at the basic explanation of why the ocean is so dehydrating on the Hair:

 Remember just like your skin:

Hair is porous, like a sponge, it will expand and absorb moisture.The hair maintains its elasticity and strength when its hydrated.

 The ocean has a very high salt content and therefore it is considered osmotic. This simply means the salt water draws out the natural moisture within your hair and replaces it with the salt water and as it evaporates leaves the hair that much more dehydrated, dry and brittle.

Pools are no better, whether salt water or chlorine, they're both hard on the hair. Chlorine can strip the natural oils from the hair and can make the hair more porous.

Chlorine is a disinfectant, meant to strip oils and bacteria and when the hair is constantly stripped it will become highly porous and like a sponge it will soak up more of the chlorine and chemicals in the water and it will lose more of its natural moisture and elasticity. A terrible unending cycle of damage and breakage.



So what can we do:


  1. Pre-soak your hair: saturating your hair with water before you soak up the ocean or pool water prevents your hair from absorbing more water. Think of it like a sponge, if it is already full of water and moistire that’s less room to absorb anything else.
  2. USE A HAIR GUARD. Apply on wet or dry hair before going into the water (on wet hair is best, but rest assured, we have all the bases covered for you because the Najeau hair guard has water in it). And reapply often. The oils help to create a buffer
  3. Rinse when done: When you are done with the water rinse you hair with clean water removing all the excess salt and chlorine from your hair.



Yes, it’s pre-poo (so it’s only meant to be used as a mask or hair protector)
But can also be used as a hair mask even if you don’t go into the water!

Like use when you do hot yoga
Running around the town

Laying out by the pool in Palm Springs 
Shampoo out.

My favorite thing to do:
Add some hair mask oil to it
And boom you have an incredible ready to use HAIR MASK!







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