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SO MUCH TO SAY. I'll start by saying: It's not your hair that is oily, it's your scalp!

There is so much on the market and every where you turn there's another brand another company and another ingredient we have all been missing. It is so much!

I have shampooed a lot of scalps and have seen a lot of scalps transition from healthy and balanced to oily and dry and vice versa. I have heard for so many years of my career-
Don't wash your hair too much, you will strip your natural oils and it's not good for you!

Yes! Shampooing you HAIR too often is certainly drying and strips the hair of its moisture  (hygral fatigue)

BUT!!!!!!! Shampooing your SCALP often is absolutely the answer to a more fruitful and PH balanced environment so that your hair will continue to flourish. (by often I usually suggest 2-3 times a week)

I have curly, frizzy and dry hair so I know how much this sounds daunting but Id ask you, again, would you only wash your face once a week? Would you only wash your body once a week and maybe not so well? 

I mean, who am to judge and I certainly am not because for certain, in my 20s, I am sure I was a culprit! I am just here to share with you the things I have learned in this quest to understand WHY and WHY have we not done a better job in my industry helping clients understand the difference between HAIR and SCALP. 

So what is it and what is the fix?

It's not your hair that is oily, it's your scalp!

How do you know if your ph is off: Itchy, Irritated, Oily and Flakey, Dry and Itchy SCALP.

"Throwing off the pH balance can cause your scalp to become dry, oily, itchy, or irritated as it reacts and overworks itself trying to fight microbes and bring the skin to a better range. Dandruff is also a sign that your scalp's pH may be unbalanced"

Medicated shampoo. Helps a little, must continue to use, dry and flakey comes back. If your scalp is oily it actually is probably really really dry and out of balance so the body, in an attempt to regulate, is overproducing oil. and thus begins the unforgiving cycle. 

So in simple terms, you just have a SCALP that is out of balance. PH Unbalanced, and an irritated unhealthy Scalp will affect the hair follicles and lead to unhealthy hair.

Healthy soil, Healthy Hair.



What shampoo do you use? IT MATTERS. and guess what- simple is the best, and don't be afraid of a shampoo that lathers or all the excess verbiage, look for a shampoo that will remove oil and dirt while maintaining the PH of your scalp.

1. Bad shampoo is like washing your face with detergent. 

2. like chapstick, its creating a worse problem and not actually helping heal.

The scalp ages fast, faster than our face, to be accurate 6 times faster, and our skin absorbs product within 20-30 minutes so what you use MATTERS.

My disclaimer- which I am too very proud of- I get paid by no-one, I am represented by no-one, and no line owns me. I think that also made my quest for truth that much more transparent. I get no kickbacks no recognition, I share simply because my clients deserve to know, and now you, my guests , deserve to know too. It feels good when you finally feel empowered in understanding how to achieve answers to these basic scalp problems.

So to recap: before you even begin on scalp oils, WHAT ARE THE PRODUCTS YOU USE IN YOUR SHOWER

1. Scalp oil cleansing is an integral and important part of this regimen and is necessary to maintain scalp health. Just like oil cleansing your face, it is detoxifying, nourishing, moisturizing, and important for cell-renewal. Najeau works best when you have an easy and ph blanaced line of products you use with it. If you use the Najeau oils and your shampoo is not that, your hair and scalp may remain oily.

Always shampoo and rinse hair with lukewarm to cool water as intense heat can also throw the natural balance of the scalp off.

2.MY FAVORITE SHAMPOO: ours . My scalp is squeaky clean literally I can run my finger down a hair shaft and it squeaks and only until I feel that is when I know my scalp is clean of all the oils and treatments. (also check my other blog IS SHE BORN WITH IT for other suggestions)

I usually always shampoo my SCALP twice to 3 times. If my hair is clean I move my hair to the side  when I rinse the shampoo out. This helps NOT strip the HAIR of its natural oils.

3. Lots of great conditioners out there: ours. is my fav

Here's the kicker: apply OFF the scalp so conditioner is like ponytail down. the scalp needs to be squeaky clean and breathe it does not need the conditioner to moisturize it. THAT is what the oils and treatments do! conditioner on scalp just clogs up those follicles. They then become too oily and then the scalp tries to regulate by getting dry and stopping oil production and then we are back at flakey funky scalp! 

OOOOF you see the conundrum!

4. once out of the shower, use a MICROFIBER towel that soak up the moisture without ripping out hair and then use a leave in conditioner and proceed with your styling!

5. Oh a leave in I use: again I just love the Harklinniken leave in conditioner. it has just worked for me but I know there are others out there but also note: if your hair begins to feel like it has too much buildup stop using what your using, its basically then just coating your hair like wax and eventually your HAIR will get drier, more brittle  and suffer.

6. LASTLY, do noty overuse or overdo protein on your hair. This is why and this is my analogy. porous hair is like a boat with holes in it, its sinking, the protein filled products will plug those holes in the cuticle and at first we , as consumers, are like OH wow this product works so great! I need more, going too use all the time, and then eventually it stops working . WHY? because protein made in a lab in products is a hard element  so yes it plugs all the holes in the cuticle but eventually with excessive use the hair can't bend, so it begins to break.

7. I know this is a lot. so keep it simple:

-scalp mask once a week once every other week its protein so dont overdue it and stick to the scalp) 

- follicle dropper before every shampoo or overnight 


-shampoo your scalp 2-3 times minimum a week 

- shampoo and rinse hair in lukewarm water

-Get a shower head Filter (I use Jolie)

-condition you HAIR (stay off SCALP)

-use a leave-in conditioner, stay off SCALP

-when you sleep try a silk pillow case or a silk turban.


And then do you!  That's it! I'm here to help your scalp! Healthy Scalp is Healthy Hair and its a whole body approach! This is The Najeau Promise 






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