Follicle Miniaturization

Follicle Miniaturization

What is this? A few years ago I noticed my hair feeling and looking very different and so I was on a mission to understand what the heck was going on with me and why all the supplements and expensive powders and vitamin drips were doing nothing for me.

I remember sitting across the doctor when he explained this term and I was left wondering why for the first time, and having been in the hair industry for 10 years, am I just hearing about this.

My dermatologist explained it to me in simplest of ways: 

The follicles go from producing 4-5 hairs in one follicle to then

3…to 2…. To more fine and shorter strands… strands that stop growing at a certain length…to follicles that stop producing completely. 

I have seen many clients whose hairline just slows down and stops growing after a certain length, and others whose hair strands becomes very fine and wispy.

Miniaturization can be triggered by many factors: stress, hormones, nutrition, surgery, sickness and other triggers and at ANY age. ANY age. 

“Miniaturization describes the progression of thinning hair. During miniaturization, hair follicles that once were producing healthy hairs start generating thinner hairs with fragile shafts. The less-dense hairs can lead to the appearance of thinning hair. Those with hair miniaturization will experience a disruption in the hair growth cycle. This can lead to the shortening of hair strands and the constricting of follicles, which ultimately leads to hair thinning and loss.”


I have seen so many clients go thru this and initially we think it’s the coloring or styling “my HAIR is just going thru it”, but when I dug deeper and started asking questions and noticing so many clients experience this transitional moment it was another AH HA moment. 
Its not the HAIR but the SCALP that needs attention and focus. The follicles producing the hair! 


So what can We do? What can I suggest to my clients as a specialist behind the chair who lives and breathes everything hair all day long?
Well, we should be doing this from the start. From an early age to just simply care for our scalp. Just like we brush our teeth and wash our face we should be oiling and massaging our scalps.

But better late then never! So I’m happy you are here! I always say start with a HEALTH CHECK then begin the preventive measures as well as methods that promote and improve the health of the scalp. 

NAJEAU is a line based around SCALP health that promotes a ph balanced and nutrient rich environment to continue to encourage your follicles to live their best life. To avoid, if possible, pre~mature miniaturization. 

THE FERTILIZER (najeau) FOR THE SOIL.(scalp and follicles)

THE SOIL (scalp and follicles) FOR THE PLANT.(hair strands

MASSAGE. At any and every age. My mother did this since she was young even with a full head of hair. It is also used by people with healthy hair. Research has found that it can give stronger hair even when there is no pathological hair loss. Keep that blood flow coming!

To understand how scalp massages can grow hair, we must first take a look at a key problem in hair loss. This is poor blood flow.

Hair loss and miniaturization is also linked to poor blood flow. So issues like anemia and anesthesia can play a big roll too.

I tell my clients we will all inevitably age, our skin will wrinkle but in the journey we still nourish it and do lasers and apply serums and wash and massage and apply sunscreen and we handle with care. To give it its best life.

The scalp is part of the face, so why do we stop at the hairline?

Personally, I think we were never educated on the importance of SCALP health, my mother and her family always knew that there was no separation between the two. 

So obvious and so simple. Took me 40 years to finally get it, so I am right here with you.


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