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Let’s talk PRP and follicle health.

I always tell people I share everything I know because I was lucky enough to work in the hub of hair for ten years and I had access to information because I had clients that had access- so if you’ve been following my journey you know I will do ANYTHING! So I figured I get the info …I also am not a doctor or a scientist or an expert so my experience is my own. Will it work for you ? I don’t know? Does it work? I don’t know. But darn it , I’m going to try

so I 

-Do the treatments $$

-Meet the Drs

-And report back to my clients everything I learned.

Let’s begin here… 4-5 years ago. Have you heard of Prp Scalp Treatments for hair growth and hair follicle rejuvenation? Well, I had never heard of it either and I’m in the hair business! Imagine my surprise when my client sat in my chair and had thicker hair then I had ever remembered and I asked how? When he (yes he) told me he was sent by his agent to a well respected hair doctor on Sunset Blvd I knew I had to get a consultation and ask as many questions as I could not only to get answers for myself but for my clients as well. I believe It’s my job to seek answers and I have no problem being the hair lab rat if I can get answers for me and my clients— and so I did just that. I booked a consultation and I asked him all the questions my clients ask me ~ what are the best supplements to take and how can I stop my hair from thinning and falling out?

I get this question a lot and as I’ve aged with my clients I have noticed the inevitable trend that happens to the majority of us save for the lucky few;as we age and after pregnancy, stress, sickness and or surgery our hair goes through a traumatic cycle of loss and limpness and incredible dryness. It is shocking and sad as the hair we once had and probably took for granted takes a sharp turn for the worst and we are left without answers and fear of the shower where we watch our combs fill up with hair and we know of nothing we can do to stop it or at least slow it down.

After my second baby two surgeries and as I inch towards the beautiful age of 40 I found that my hair thinned to about half of what I had, that I could just run my fingers thru my hair and hair would just pop right off from the follicle. It happened fast and before I even knew it was happening it was too late to help in any way. So I began this journey of finding out why and what was out there.

It wasn’t enough to use the best products on the hair I had as that was only a fix for the outside I needed to heal the hair at the follicle, from the inside out. I see it as nature does- like a plant or a flower- the follicle as my root and the soil is the vessels and blood flow around it Bringing it the nourishment it needs. If the soil is dying so is the root and so is my hair. As we age so do our follicles and their ability to stay strong and healthy is weakened. Hair follicles usually grow between 3-5 hairs in each and as we age and after pregnancy they begin to grow less and less until they fail completely this now called miniaturization and so this is why PRP is such an incredible and effective treatment. If the hair was there before it will have a better chance at growing back.


After a lot of research and consults I found the amazing Dr. Payman Danielpour at The Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group who on my first session took the time to sit explain it all to me so That I now can explain it to you! Dr. Danielpour describes it like this;

“PRP aka platelet rich plasma has many uses to repair and reverse damage. It has been injected in joints, tendons, and very frequently in the face to help repair previous damage. Platelets are known to be the first responder cell after any kind of injury. They are signaling cells that bring in growth factors to repair an again or damaged cell. When used for hair it can be injected directly and used topically and driven into the scalp with microneedling (very similar to the vampire facial but on the scalp). The PRP really is more for maintaining healthy hair follicles but can also help rejuvenate old senescent hair follicles. In other words it helps you keep the hair you have by not letting it die and fall out and it wakes up some of the old sleepy hairs. It is recommended that the treatment is done at least 3 time 6 weeks apart for the best results.”


I am on my second treatment 4 years later (I check in with him once a year) . I see baby hairs sprouting in areas that had thinned and the before and after from a few of my clients rejects any attempt to deny its effectiveness. This is a treatment for men and women.I have to also say is the hair growth because of the PRP? I dont know for certain.It May. I do so many things in conjunction with. 
However, it is a treatment out there and something you can do your own research on moving forward. 


However, You know what else it has done- it has put me at ease. Someone said to me recently “your hair is your garden. It will grow” and it will how it is supposed to and I know we can’t escape genetics and aging but I am determined to provide the most nourishment I can for my soil. Stem cells, I believe, are the future no doubt.



While it grows back take care of the hair you have and here are some of my suggestions as I’ve been on this journey over the last year;




Some lines I really truly love:

  1. Best Shampoo: HARKLINNIKEN balancing shampoo
  2. Renee Furterer is a beautiful scalp focused line as well. Beautiful conditioners and shampoos
  3. Supplements: the jury for me is out on that after talking to a nutritionist. Get it from your food and check your blood panel to see if you have deficiencies.
  4. Definitely get regular trims and through this process may a little more frequently so that your hair isn’t splitting from the bottom up.
  5. Get scalp treatments! Sayaka at Blow Me Away was the only person I found that does the most incredible scalp treatment to stimulate blood flow and clean the pores. She puts your scalp under a microscope checks the condition and creates this spa treatment for your scalp accordingly. We get facials why would t be so the same for our scalp? Again, this was new to me too! I’m seeing her soon!
  6. And as for coloring go easy on the bleach and give your scalp and hair a minute to heal. If you’re a bleach and tone I recommend you stop the pores and follicles can only handle so much-and if your highlights maybe for a a few months don’t go as heavy so that you minimize damage. And use NAJEAU!!
  7. Eat good. Get rest
  8. Aging and post partum hair thinning Is certainly not a one item cure all but with a combination of things I believe yours and my garden will yet again grow!
  9. Most importantly
  10. It only works if you work it and this is not a one and go. It’s a lifestyle change. I tell clients do you wash your face everyday? Oh great then the least you can do is feed your follicles 2-4 a week!





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