Unveiling Symbolism: The Olive Branch in Najeau's Hair Serum Design

Unveiling Symbolism: The Olive Branch in Najeau's Hair Serum Design

Examining our latest Najeau Hair Serum bottle, you'll observe an illustrated olive branch incorporated into the design. Every element holds significance in our work, signaling a deeper narrative. Allow us to share the meaning behind our olive branch and its profound importance to us.

Ancient Symbol

The olive branch holds significant cultural and symbolic meaning in Lebanese culture, much like in other Mediterranean societies. Historically, it's been a symbol of peace, wisdom, and love. In Lebanon, it also represents the country's deep-rooted connection to the land, as olive trees are abundant and deeply integrated into agriculture and cuisine. The olive branch is often associated with resilience and hope, reflecting the endurance and perseverance of the people through challenging times. It embodies a sense of unity and peace, resonating with Lebanon's diverse and rich cultural heritage.


It’s also said that historically speaking, olive trees aren’t tended to or cultivated during times of war, so it’s seen as a fruit of peace-time. It’s also a symbol of prosperity and fame. 


The olive branch is a small but meaningful symbol to us of the peace we hold in our hearts and wish to see in the world. Because my family is from Lebanon, the olive branch to me also signifies a fruitful cultural exchange with the people of my ancestry. 


An enduring, healing fruit

Prized for its oil, the olive tree was first cultivated around 7,000 years ago in the Mediterranean, with the first archeological traces being found in the Levant region. It’s an important foundational plant linked intimately with the peoples and cultures there, in the fertile lands of its origin. Today, 95% of olive oil comes from the Mediterranean. 


Olive trees are an enduring plant that can survive for thousands of years, with an average estimated life span of about 500. The tree is tolerant of different soil types, able to thrive in poor quality soil with less water than many other crops. 


Beautiful, gentle olive oil has many nutrients to offer our skin, hair, and bodies. It’s rich in essential fatty acids and polyphenols that act as potent antioxidants, helping to neutralize oxidative damage from free radicals in our bodies. It’s also a source of essential micronutrients like vitamins E and K.


When olives are grown in harmony with nature, not relying on pesticides and toxic chemicals, and not overrefined, the result is a velvety soft, golden oil that delivers bountiful nutrients to our systems. 

The heart of our products

High quality, single-origin, cold-pressed olive oil is at the heart of all our products at Najeau. The olive oil we use comes from regeneratively-grown olive trees at the 900-year-old Qozhaya Monastery, in Lebanon, where my cousin lives and works as a monk. We’ve been there to help harvest the olives and we’ve seen the impact this oil has for their community. 

When we buy this oil, the money goes directly to those who farm it and the people there, with no middle-man distributor. Because of this deeply meaningful connection and transparency in our supply chain, we’re able to know and see that our products are doing good 

Not only is this Lebanese olive oil our most precious ingredient, but the olive branch is, for us, a symbol of connection to home and hope for the future. 

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