The Journey of Understanding Hair Loss: Insights from a Decade in Beauty

The Journey of Understanding Hair Loss: Insights from a Decade in Beauty

Over the past fifteen years working with so many clients, many of whom I've grown older alongside, I've gained a wealth of knowledge and experiences. Today, I share not just a professional perspective, but a deeply personal journey through the complexities of hair loss and scalp issues. It is forever and ebb and flow.

My Personal Story:

Everything changed for me after my second child, experience with kidney stones, surgeries and illness. I noticed significant changes in my body and hair - my scalp became sensitive and itchy, and I experienced hair dryness and brittleness post-surgery. These physical changes led me on a quest for answers, revealing the often overlooked connection between our overall health and hair.

I've heard countless explanations for hair issues - stress, adrenal fatigue, postpartum changes - but it wasn't until recent years that I realized these were not the root causes. The journey to understanding our bodies is often marred by misdiagnoses and oversimplifications. It's a reminder that we must persistently seek answers, even in the face of frustration and expensive healthcare.

My Path to Answers:

The real turning point came with consistent health monitoring and specialist consultations. From basic blood work to gastrointestinal investigations, each step brought me closer to understanding the intricate relationship between my internal health and hair condition. Discoveries like anemia, vitamin D deficiency, and the impact of dormant viruses like Epstein Barr opened my eyes to the complex causes behind hair loss.

For me, consulting an integrative doctor was a game-changer. This approach connected dots that traditional methods hadn't, highlighting how dormant viruses were impacting my hormonal balance and subsequently, my hair health. This revelation was my 'aha' moment - the elusive 'why' behind my hair struggles.

They helped me understand the complex relationship between diet, gut health, and hair condition. I realized that the foods I consumed and even my eating habits were contributing to my health issues and certain foods, including some I believed were healthy, were actually causing inflammation in my body. Sugar, a staple in my diet, was a major culprit. The advice was clear: reduce sugar and inflammatory foods, and focus on a balanced diet that suits my body's needs.

The health of our hair is deeply intertwined with our gut health. In the beauty industry, we often focus on external treatments like deep conditioners or medicated shampoos, but these are not comprehensive solutions. I learned that issues like inflammation in the gut can directly impact hair follicles, affecting hair growth and health.

 I realized that healing isn't one-dimensional. As I worked towards internal wellness, I also began nurturing my hair and scalp externally with Najeau products. This holistic approach, combining cold-presssed ingredients with patience and consistency, mirrored my journey of internal healing.

The Blended Path to Wellness

My journey is a testament to the synergy of Eastern and Western medicine, encompassing everything from lymphatic drainage and IV vitamins to nutrition and gut health. It underscores the importance of professional guidance over self-directed internet advice.

As I continue this journey, I'm reminded that each step, each discovery, no matter how small, is significant. Hair loss and scalp issues are more than aesthetic concerns; they are gateways to understanding our broader health. My experience in the beauty industry has taught me the value of exploring every option and sharing each part of my journey, however uncertain the outcome.

This journey isn't just about personal health; it's about sharing insights with my community. It's a holistic approach, understanding that there's no magic pill. It's about discovering what works for each individual's body.

I'm still on this path, exploring and learning. My aim is to share my experiences and findings, hoping it aids others in their quest for health. Remember, it's not just about one aspect; it's about seeing the whole picture and understanding how everything is connected.

Thank you for joining me on this journey of discovery and healing. I hope my story offers not just insights, but also hope and encouragement to persist in your own health journey.

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