The Journey Home

Posted by Ava Alexis on

As many of you may or may not know Najeau’s roots are planted in the beautiful country of Lebanon. Lebanon is my home, where I grew up, and where my heart forever stays even after I leave. It is where my family lives and where my heritage was born.

Last month we took the journey home to open our doors and welcome you into my family, sharing with you a glimpse into this warm and inviting culture and to introduce you to my family and to the people who have a part in helping create Najeau products.

I have family from the top of Baalbek to the tip of Beirut and from the Quizhaya Valley to Roumieh. They consist of farmers to educators, from generations of first, second, and third cousins, and a great-grandmother who still teaches me something every day. Both sides of my parent's families are rich in culture, connection, and love which is why Lebanon is the most beautiful place on earth to me, and why I love sharing it with you through stories, photographs, and our Najeau products.

I believe deeply that the kindness of strangers, and the sharing of another culture is the greatest gift I can give. So going back home and sharing videos and photos with you of where I come from, where my mother comes from, where your oil comes from, where your olive oil is made, where your soap is crafted, and how the land is cared for ----- we hope it helps to better understand the connection, love, and meaning behind this brand and why its origins, legacy, and the care that goes into our products are so important to us.

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