Mastering the Najeau Cooling Drop

Mastering the Najeau Cooling Drop

Our Cooling Drops are the perfect additive to your Scalp Mask when your scalp could use some calm. Similar to how you address facial inflammation, it's beneficial to provide soothing care to your scalp after experiencing fever, surgery, illness, or any condition that raises body heat, inevitably affecting the heat felt in your follicles and scalp.

Fresh, tingly peppermint oil brings down inflammation and awakens circulation in your scalp to encourage healthy hair growth. A burst of beachy, citrusy lime oil helps stimulate collagen production for a youthful scalp. Hydrating amla oil soothes, cools, and balances oil production for a happy hair biome. 

Life is an ebb and flow. Hormones change, stressors change, and just like the cycles of the skin on our face change from dry to oil with the seasons, it's the same with our scalp. By giving yourself a cooling antidote to customize your regular routine when you need it, we hope you feel empowered to become your own scalp whisperer. 

It is all about learning to customize your Scalp masks for what your scalp needs at the time.


After surgery, fever, illness, or overheating, or any time you need a soothing moment, add a dropper’s worth of Cooling Drops to your Najeau Scalp Mask mixture for the ultimate scalp relief. (never use alone, always use with a carrier oil and as a supplement to your Scalp Mask mixture)

Add to your routine once a week in times of inflammation or as needed. 


  • When inflammation and heat are high in your body, it can cause inflamed follicles, irritating the scalp and hurting scalp health and hair growth. In Ayurvedic doshas, this is known as Pitta. Pitta (fire) rules skin and hair health, and according to tradition, excess Pitta can lead to issues like inflammation, hair loss, and premature graying. 

  • Eat mild, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory foods to bring down inflammation from the inside out while you treat your scalp from the outside in. 

  • This product contains lime oil that can increase photosensitivity to UV rays. Use Najeau Cooling drops for after-sun, not before-sun care. 


Peppermint Oil: Antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory peppermint oil encourages hair growth and thickness and reduces buildup at the root. By increasing circulation with its vasodilating effect, peppermint is thought to improve hair growth and prevent loss. 

Lime Oil: Rich in nutrients that promote scalp health, lime oil contains antioxidant-rich vitamin C to stimulate the collagen production that’s essential for hair growth. Its fatty acids help nourish and moisturize the scalp. 

Amla Oil: With its soothing and cooling effect, amla oil is an antioxidant hydrator that soothes scalp inflammation, regulations oil production, and shields the shaft of the hair. Its soothing properties help destress the scalp. 

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