Same But Better: Our New Oils

Same But Better: Our New Oils

You may have noticed that our hair oiling treatments got some updated packaging and a boost to the ingredients. They’re the same formulas, but now with our new, nutrient-dense olive oil that comes straight from the source in Lebanon.

What’s new 

We listened to what you were telling us: you love the Follicle Drops, but you wanted a different dropper. Our new bottles have been improved with a dropper that better fits what our customers were asking for.

You asked, we listened: you love the Scalp Mask but wanted other size options,. The revitalizing Scalp Mask treatment is now available in a smaller, more convenient size. You can now enjoy the same great formula you know and love in a compact (travel size)  option.

On top of that, we’re proud to share that our olive oil, which runs in all our hair oil treatments, is better and richer than ever for your hair. Sourced from Qozhaya, a 900-year-old monastery in the mountains of Lebanon, the olive oil is made using rustic, regenerative practices that start with nutrient-rich soil. 

In the Najeau spirit, we like to be transparent about what goes into making our products. This improvement to the oil added cost to our supply chain, but we didn’t increase the cost of our hair treatments. Instead, we adjusted the size of our bottles and jars. A bit smaller, but with every drop more precious, the value remains the same. 

Better olive oil 

A holistic, organic approach to farming not only yields a more nutritious crop, it also improves water and air quality, increases biodiversity, and helps mitigate the effects of climate change through carbon cycling. 

By not relying on pesticides and toxic chemicals, and not taking more than is needed, the farmers at the monastery are able to maintain soil that’s microbially vibrant. Through this land stewardship, they’re helping protect the environment for the next generation.  

You can literally see and feel the difference in the olive oil. When you farm a plant from soil that’s been taxed over and over again, the beneficial nutrients in the soil become depleted, and the plant suffers as a result. But when you cultivate plants from a richer, more fertile soil, taking only what you need and letting nature run her course, you get a golden oil that retains all of those beautiful benefits. 

The health of the soil impacts what’s in the bottle—and what your scalp absorbs at the end of the day. Because hair health starts at the scalp, what you feed your follicles matters. 

With no middle man and no distributor, 100% of the price we pay for the olive oil goes directly to the monastery, the people who produced it, and the surrounding community. We’re so proud that our olive oil, the heart of our oiling system, is in harmony with the environment where it’s grown and the humans who grow it. 

Better value 

Our packaging is now the standard size of other hair growth serums you’ll see on the market, only we don’t water down our formulas like other brands. Look at the ingredients lists of other scalp masks and follicle drops; they likely list water as the first ingredient.That’s because those serums are up to 80% water. 

We don’t think paying for a targeted hair treatment that’s mostly water is the best use of anyone’s money. So though our new packaging is now standard sized, you’re still getting more, and better, nutrients for the price compared to other brands. 


Just as it’s the ritual, the slowing down, the self care that can make all the difference in your hair health, we believe the care that goes into our products makes us all feel more connected. When you have a key ingredient that’s grown and harvested sustainably, that benefits people and planet, versus a stale, empty ingredient that’s passed through untold hands and labs, you can take satisfaction not only in the potency of the product, but in the deeper connection to what you consume. 

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