Humidity's Impact on Hair & Scalp

Humidity's Impact on Hair & Scalp

Ever wondered why your hair seems to have a mind of its own on humid days? We're diving into the mysteries of humidity's effects on your hair and scalp, while exploring how incorporating the right oils into your hair care routine can combat these challenges and leave your locks looking fabulous, with any weather.

High humidity leads to frizz, particularly in curly or wavy hair, by boosting moisture absorption, and swelling hair cuticles. High hair porosity exacerbates frizz in humid conditions.

Naturally curly or wavy hair may become curlier or wavier in humid conditions. Conversely, straightened hair might revert to its natural texture.

While excessive humidity leads to frizz, a moderate amount can be beneficial, providing much-needed moisture to dry hair.


Increased humidity can lead to more sweat and oil production on the scalp, potentially exacerbating conditions like dandruff. 




Scalp and hair oiling can be a game-changer in humid conditions:


1. Frizz Control
Oiling helps in controlling frizz by smoothing and sealing the hair cuticle, reducing the hair's tendency to absorb atmospheric moisture.


 2. Moisture Balance
Regular oiling can maintain the right moisture balance, preventing the hair from becoming limp or overly puffy due to excess humidity.


3. Scalp Health
In humid climates, where scalp issues like dandruff may worsen, certain oils with antimicrobial properties can promote a healthier scalp.


 4. Hair Protection
Oiling creates a protective layer around the hair shaft, safeguarding it against environmental and humidity-induced damage.


 5. Prevents Hygral Fatigue
Regular oiling is crucial to prevent hygral fatigue in humid climates, where the hair is continually exposed to moisture.


 6. Enhanced Hair Texture and Shine
Oiling can improve hair texture and shine, making it more manageable in unruly humid conditions.


 7. Natural Conditioning
Oils provide a natural conditioning effect, softening the hair and making it more manageable in a humid climate.


By using scalp and hair oils effectively, you can keep your hair healthy and manageable in any weather. Remember to adjust your hair care routine as needed to adapt to changing environmental conditions and maintain optimal hair health throughout the year.

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