Chef Series with Chef Peter and Courtney Borrone

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Chef Peter and Courtney Borrone of Vesta 

We had the honor to share a meal prepared by powerhouse Peter and Courtney Borrone of Vesta In Redwood City, CA. 

The “all we think about is food” catchphrase shows in the dishes at Vesta. With a commitment to locally sourced and organic ingredients, Vesta offers a simple approach to wood-fired pizzas that delivery in quality and taste.

“We have always loved food and how it brings people together. The sharing of a table and a meal is wonderfully complemented by an exchange of thoughts and ideas. And this food that we share is so important. Where it comes from, how it was grown or treated, and how it was procured all has a lasting impact on our health and the wellbeing of the Earth.” -Courtney Borrone


Avocado and Green Onion Dressing

-8 green onions, whites only, finely minced
-3/4 tsp fleur de sel
-1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
-1.5 avocados mashed
-1.5 TBL honey
-1/8 tsp black pepper
-3/4 cup Najeau olive oil

Mix all ingredients with a fork until smooth with some chunks.
Salt & pepper to taste.
Massage onto prepped/ washed kale or other leafy green.
Enjoy topped with finely shaved pecorino & nuts of your choice! 

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