Najeau Warming Drop: when and how to use

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At times when our bodies run cool, we need extra warmth to encourage blood circulation back up to our scalps and the nerve endings in our follicles. Najeau Warming Oil drops are a way to customize your weekly Scalp Mask so you can take control over how and when you treat your scalp. 

Hibiscus oil awakens blood flow and replenishes hair with flavonoids and amino acids to strengthen follicles and reduce hair fall. Bhringraj oil stimulates circulation and aids nutrient absorption at the roots.

An imbalance of heat can obstruct the flow of nutrients that supply health to the hair cells, which can lead to a dry scalp, dry hair, split ends, hair fall, and thinning hair. Especially during fall and winter months, during changes in your body when your scalp is running cool, or any time you want to switch things up for a spa-like experience, use these warming, grounding drops to enhance relaxation.


During colder months or any time you need a warming mask to keep blood flow coming, add a dropper’s worth of Warming Oil to your Najeau Scalp Mask and massage into your scalp as usual. 

Add to your routine once a week as needed. 



  • Our nervous system is more susceptible to imbalance during the fall and winter, so creating a warming mask to keep blood flow coming is a must. This oil is warm in its properties, penetrating through deep layers of the fascia into nerve endings to release nutrients that stimulate, balance, lubricate, and protect. 
  • Massage the scalp with your warming mixture to help relieve tight muscles, reduce stress, clear toxins through the lymphatic system, and enhance blood circulation in the head and neck. 


Hibiscus Oil: Hibiscus oil nourishes your scalp and roots to help prevent hair shedding and thinning. Flavonoids and amino acids improve blood circulation to your follicles and strengthen hair from the root. 

Bhringraj Oil: Also known as False Daisy, this medicinal herb belonging to the sunflower family promotes hair growth and follicle health by improving blood circulation and activating nutrient absorption in the roots. 

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