Recovery Care Bundle

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This bundle is paired with care for those navigating chemotherapy. Gentle scalp care is paramount during this journey. Our soothing products provide relief for scalp sensitivity, fostering a healthier environment for hair regrowth. Remember, every chemotherapy experience is unique; embrace patience and self-care throughout this healing phase.

  • Follicle Drops: This nourishing pre-shampoo scalp oil is powered by a custom blend of nutrient-rich oils that hydrates the scalp, increases blood flow to the hair bulb and follicle to help stimulate hair growth, prevents breakage, and restores pH balance of the scalp and hair for glossy, hydrated locks.

  • Scalp Mask: This revitalizing pre-shampoo scalp treatment is powered by a custom blend of nutrient-rich oils which helps remove excess sebum and product buildup on the scalp.

  • Cooling Drops: This is the perfect additive to your Scalp Mask when your scalp could use some calm. Similar to how you address facial inflammation, it's beneficial to provide soothing care to your scalp after experiencing fever, surgery, illness, or any condition that raises body heat, inevitably affecting the heat felt in your follicles and scalp.

  • Wide-Tooth Gua Sha Scalp Comb: Designed for microcirculation & relaxation while improving blood circulation and helping ingredients penetrate more deeply and efficiently into the scalp.

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In my journey, I've witnessed cancer's profound impact on our lives and loved ones, both seen and unseen. While I can't heal medically, I offer love and guidance, particularly in scalp and hair care during and after treatment. It's been an honor to assist many, providing support, treatments, and a semblance of normalcy amidst illness. This product line isn't just beauty items; it's about nurturing and understanding needs during tough battles. Najeau's commitment is to offer comfort and support in a disrupted world.



Shake well. Section dry, unwashed hair. Fill the dropper, and apply directly to the scalp until fully saturated. Massage into the scalp using the Gua Sha Scalp Comb. Leave oil on for 20 minutes up to overnight. Rinse well. Proceed with your regular shampoo, conditioning, and styling routine.

For optimal results, use 2-3 times per week or overnight.



Shake well. Add a dropper’s worth of Cooling Oil into a bowl containing your 3 dropper's worth of Scalp Mask oil. Working in sections, apply the oil blend directly to the scalp until fully saturated. Massage the mask into the scalp with Gua Sha Scalp Comb, then cover the hair with a shower cap to activate the ingredients. Leave on for 30-60 minutes. Rinse well, shampoo twice, condition, and style as usual.

Use once a week or bimonthly