Najeau Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Grown and harvested at a 900-year-old monastery in the “Holy Valley” of Qadisha, using rustic, regenerative practices using fertile, nutrient-rich soil that ensues a healthy, well-balanced, extra fresh oil.

Our Single-origin extra virgin olive oil is made from hand-picked Lebanese olives that are carefully cold-pressed without the use of chemicals or heat to preserve the oil's natural flavor, aroma, and nutritional benefits. The result is a richly golden oil with high-polyphenol content and exquisite taste.

Najeau’s heritage is rooted in our traditions. We feel honored to be able to use oil straight from the source, a source that profits the people there. This olive oil is an homage to my family, my ancestors, and the people of Lebanon.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil sourced from Lebanon


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how to use

Jump-start your gut health with a morning teaspoon of Najeau’s EVOO on an empty stomach. Or enhance your favorite dish by lightly drizzling it with our Lebanese extra virgin olive oil.