Bloodwork, Integrative Medicine, Hormones and Hair Loss: Part 2

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There is so much to say on this and so much I have heard and learned over the 10 years of working on female clients and many of whom I have grown older with.

I can only tell you my story and my journey and what I have learned over the last 5 years and after my second child.

Everything changed especially my body and my hair. My scalp felt like it was tingling, it would become incredibly sensitive and itchy and I would later come to learn that's hormones. Who knew!  I love my doctors and I trust them and admire them but getting simple answers like that seemed very hard to come by, and I get it.

I remember one time after I had surgery to remove kidney stones when I was 27 years old I noticed my silky healthy hair because dry and so brittle, turns out anesthesia comes out in your hair, skin and nails and for me Ooof its not cute. When I asked my doctor, who by the way was brilliant and incredible, why my hair was dry and shedding (and at that time I had a ton!) he point blank said; "im not concerned about your hair but your organs and your life" and I said.....touche.

That did make sense, but I was happy to finally know WHY my hair took a turn. I just want to know WHY, like so many of us.

How many times have you heard "it's just stress', "get some rest", "you just have adrenal fatigue", "talk to a therapist", "it's all in your head", "you just had a baby' the list goes on. Oh let me count the times! And it wasn't until these last few years that I finally realized, nah it wasn't. I am not crazy. I am just not being heard.

Its not anyones fault. People are human even if they have degrees and diplomas and they know what they know and that's want they know. I learned to never stop seeking. 

The only problem was-- it gets expensive. Out of pocket is expensive.

So I'm here to share what I learned and then you find your way. Hairloss made me search really hard especially because I work in that industry and I am obsessed with everything scalp and hair.

Over the last few years and listening to so many incredible clients I've heard it all; Hormones, Hashimoto's, Thyroid, Nutrition, Stress, Viruses, Surgery, Age, and more. Can you relate to at least one? That's probably why you clicked on this page and I feel you. If it's any relief I know you will find answers, just know it takes time and keep asking questions.

I started with finding a general practitioner covered by my insurance, that led to basic bloodwork, that led to finding out I was anemic and vitamin d deficient.

I began getting my basic blood panel done every 6 months to check on my anemia that led to getting a referral to a gastrointestinal doctor (covered by insurance) because I had so much bloating and cramping that led to a colonoscopy that led to understanding nutrition, my food allergies and sensitivities with a registered dietician and getting gut relief. HUGE. I started to see lots of new hairs growing. LOTS.

I continued getting basic bloodwork done every six months and after covid noticed another round of hair loss. Extreme and again and I started to have lots of physical pain, migraines, stiffness and I'm not sure if that was caused by covid or stress of the last two years with young kids but that pushed me to get more bloodwork done with my general practitioner and then with specialists. Rheumatologist and Neurologists. Everything was fine. I had previous viruses I contracted but they were dormant, I had about 4 still in my bloodwork, my main one being Epstein Barr (mono).

It was great to know all was well but there was no solutions not even a roadmap to wellness. No pills or surgery needed but also no end in sight to the discomfort and hair shed. the hair shedding came in unrelenting waves and phases.

I asked about hormones with my gynecologist (who by the way I love) and I was told as long as my periods are regular im fine. Everything is fine.

So here I was and for me when I get desperate enough or in enough suffering I am open to anything. You know when you just feel something is just off and like Lauren Cornell, registered dietician, said "whatever is happening inside, if there's a problem it will show up in your hair skin and nails"

I had a beautiful young client come to see me when I opened up my little salon in them garage during Covid and she spoke about her own struggles with hairless and thyroid and auto immune issues and  how she just came from seeing an Integrative doctor here by my place. I asked her the name and details got the price and knew I couldn't afford it yet but I started to go there for treatments. I asked to get on his waitlist and I figured if it was meant to be it would be. Cleared up some space on my credit card, waited, and a few months later I was in.

I thought for sure its my hormones, my thyroid, or I am peri-menopausal....?

This is what I learned: He did an extensive blood panel on me just like my regular doctors did and I saw all the usual suspects in there, every virus and my anemia, he saw them all. what was the difference let me tell you:

It was the way he read them that was different. He connected different dots. My thyroid was fine, peri-menopausal I was not, hormone disfunction yes, and this was WHY.

He picked up on every virus that was still dormant in my system that I had once been exposed to and explained that they are still causing havoc on my hormones, and WHY, he showed me their levels still in my system, explained that they can still be triggered and he helped me remember times that they had been, and I do remember. My Epstein Barr was triggered again with the stress after my second child. I had no idea I just thought "im just tired' "im just stressed" "suck it up and carry on". Makes me want to cry because I never learned to listen to my body and no one heard me. Maybe I didnt speak up enough maybe I never learned how maybe nit was just years of not being heard.

There were many other things. Mine wasn't thyroid and my overall health is great really great he said but get this...

It was the viruses like Epstein Barr Virus that remain dormant in my body but very still present ( and you can see the number in your bloodwork) that causes the hormonal dysfunction that causes my hair to be dry, brittle, fine and shed. It triggers that premature aging of the scalp and follicle miniaturization.


Now what's the HOW to get better...

There is no magic pill for me that will make it all better but now we do have a plan of wellness. And I know that sound woowooo and let me tell you I am not! I love an antibiotic or a surgery but in this case it comes down to me doing the work to hopefully weaken or better yet get rid of the viruses in my blood and regulate my hormones for what is a more even and happy medium. 

And so this is where Najeau comes in. While I heal and regulate my body on the inside I feed my follicles and treat my scalp and hair on the outside. Organically, consistently, with patience  and with fresh/live ingredients. 

The inside and the outside. 

Everything is connected. There is no straight line in wellness I have learned.For me, It's a combination of Eastern and Western. It's lymphatic drainage, its vitamin Iv's, its pelvic floor therapy, its nutrition and gut health staying away from food sensitivities and it's TIME and in year we test again. MOST IMPORTANTLY it's not taking direction off  TikTok or YOUTUBE but doing it under the care and guidance of a licensed and trusted professional. 


I am hopeful and I know there were many answers along the way and every single one mattered no matter how big or small. and I am not sure this one is even it to be clear, but what do I have to lose! Im going to try it completely and with conviction and ill know in a year. I only got time.

Hair Loss and Scalp issues are a big deal and actually can help inform us on other things going on in our body. Hair growth takes SO much time so all I can really hope you get from my story is the understanding that it is all connected. I have worked in an industry that sells to sell that puts bandaids on problems of the scalp and hair without guiding people to solutions and you know maybe as consumers we dont want to listen, but I guess as I get older I realize the importance of not only trying every option but openly and humbly sharing every part of my journey.  







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