Too Much Moisture Can be a Bad Thing for your Hair

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Hygral Fatigue




Hygral Fatigue is the damaging of the hair cuticle from excessive moisture entering and exiting the hair cuticle

  • Wet hair: swells with moisture (like a kitchen sponge) if the haior has many holes in it like a sponge it is then absorbing a larger amount of much water
  • Drying hair: then contracts and shrinks


The cuticle is not designed to change shape constantly so thus it becomes weaker over time. Think of a rubber band being stretched over and over again pushed to it limits and then back again. Ober time the structure looses elasticity and will brteak




It affects mostly high porosity:

 -High Porosity hair: hair that is already dry and brittle , fine, bleached or over processed (it has already open cuticles) so moisture can go in and out of a hair shaft much easier and more often

 Unlikely to experience this is

-Low porosity: has a very shut and tight cuticle like coarse hair  thus does not let a lot of moisture in and out of the hair shaft.


The irony is : if you have High porosity hair you usually want and put excess moisture into your hair because its so dry -thinking you are helpjng but in reality you are doing the opposite!


That is why it is important to follow directions, not overdo it, know your hair

Treatments should be done no more than 1x a week




  1. over conditioning (constant overnight masks) over doing Treatments
  2. letting conditioner sit on too long on the hair shaft
  3. constantly wetting your hair without allowing it to dry completely
  4. sleeping with wet hair




  1. if your hair is low in elasticity, stretches less than normal when wet and after it is stretched it does not go back to normal
  2. weak and broken hair
  3. dry and brittle
  4. hair that feels mushy or gummy when it is we




First identitfy your hair type and create an educated personalized routine

LOW POROSITY; is usually good and does not have this problem


High porosity hair:

  1. find a balance between protein and moisture
  2. remember too much protein can also break your hair
  3. reduce the time your hair is soaking wet whether in the shower or overnight conditioner treatments
  4. PRE_POO treatments like Najeau is great to help strengthen your hair and aids as a preventative measure. Pre shampoo hair oiling masks  fill and seal the cuticle helping to reduce excess swelling or moisture intake
  5. seal your hair with an oil after styling as oil locks in moisture
  1. Use products with the correct PH:
  2. Using products with low PH is key to sealing your cuticle thus reducing amount of water that is allowed to enter the cuticle
    • High Ph softens and swells (shampoo)
  3. -Low Ph hardens and seals (conditioner) use conditioners with a low Ph






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